Amen! All the diasporas in the whole word, Read my message...

Patrick Princivil - June 19 2012, 10:43 PM


All the diasporas in the whole word, Read my message carefully.

This is our time to stick heads together with Presiden Martelly to help our families who victim for foods, schools, medications, clothes etc. In a dream, the Holly spirit showed me God in heaven works on President Martelly's heart, I believe that. I believe a lot of you are in churches; I am Seventh day Adventist, but I don't really care about what church you go, all I can tell you God is alive.

Stop to play with Satan and the bad Angels, they are nothing, God gives us a second chance, do not loose it. Pray for President Martelly and his family.

Remember how long US government take control over Haiti?

They did the best to help Haiti.

You can see the demons tie Haiti so bad because of idolatry of the Haitian's people in Haiti.

Let us take action and go everywhere in Haiti and everewere in the world to help them give back everything we know is belong to Satan and the bad Angels.

Unfortunately I have to tell you the truth, Whatever Lavas party or (Unit

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