That choice was made long before by the french colonist i...

Stephan Saoud - May 31 2012, 9:47 PM

That choice was made long before by the french colonist i presume.

Coffee and sugar cane was a big business in the colony and you can only grow coffee in the moutain.

Haiti was the fisrt "exportateur" of coffee at that time. It was also a war tactic for the slaves and for our generals that thank the french will try to return to the island after 1804. That is why they built those big fortification in the moutain like the "citadelle" to control the sea from french invasion.

But that choice was not bad at all in my opinion but what bothers me is what kind of management we are doing with those hills, we can still grow coffee, orange, tangerine.

We can have telepherique to climb to the citadelle, we have the pic macaya that tourist can climb and be a tourist attraction.

I also 100% sure that those moutains have some natural ressources.

Any way in my own opinion you have to succeed with what you have, I know poeple who were born blind and become richer or more succesfull than poeple that can see.

That's all That I have to say on that

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