EARTHQUAKE In Port-De-Paix Haiti - Haiti Press Network News

Haiti Press Network - April 30 2012, 2:56 PM

Haiti press networks reports...

An earthquake, whose magnitude is still unknown, touched 2h30PM [30 Apr 2012] Monday to the town of Port de Paix, Haiti Press Network has learned.

The people panicked, left their homes to position themselves in the streets.

"A friend, working in a school, has even thrown in the air when he felt the tremor.

He is currently in hospital, "said our correspondent in PNH to the head of the department's Northwest.

The earthquake, which lasted a few seconds, created a panic in the area.

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EARTHQUAKE in Port-De-Paix Haiti...

Monday April 30 2012, The earth shook in Port-de-Paix Haiti... Radio Signal FM has just reported that there was an earthquake in Port-De-Paix Haiti...

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