Well i have noticed a few tgihns lately and have been doing a...

Shaun - April 3 2012, 11:13 PM

well i have noticed a few tgihns lately and have been doing a bit of study about it ever since the quake in my own country new zealand.now i will tell you my findings 1980s there were 4 big quakes in 10 yrs1990s there were 6 big quakes in 10 yrs2000s there were 13 big quakes up until 20102011 so far there have been 1 in christchurch it wasnt huge but it was shallow and that was the whole problem with that 1then Japan well what can you say about that quake, how about unimaginable.the next thing i have started to notice is that in most quakes the aftershocks only last a few weeks, but christchurch has had aftershocks since the first quake that hit there last year and it aint stopping but to make matters worse is that all these after shocks are shallow.then japan well the aftershocks there are both shallow and rather stronge.

so the earth is really letting us know who is the boss and that no matter how prepared we think we are she will always overrule us, sad but true. so big quakes more quakes and aftershocks lasting longer and quakes getting shallow.now if you beleive in dooms day stuff then chuck in animals at the start of the yr dieing in mass amounts(birds falling from the sky, fish washing up on beaches etc)then yeah, what can i say. then take all the unrest going on in the middle east and the rising cost of petrol which leads to rising costs in food, then hard and maybe even scary times we are living in.me i sort of believe the mayans but not holding my breathe either,(if you get what i mean)remember that yr 2000 thing when they reckon computers would crash etc, yeah that never happened, but you know just incase somehow the mayans had some sort of insight into future events that we cant understand then im taking no chances im staying home from work on that day cause if we are gonna die i sure as hell dont want to be stuck at work watching boring cheese going down the production line, lol.

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