You know nothing about me. I don't appreciate your smart...

Brenda From Canada - March 9 2012, 6:06 PM

You know nothing about me. I don't appreciate your smart comment! I do alot for the Haitian people including the orphanges, so don't talk to me about caring and worrying for all of the people in Haiti.

I just wanted to know if anyone could tell me how close, the recent 4.6 earthquake last night, was to Cap-Haitian area. Please there is no need to be ignorant.

Many haitian people know of me and I am friends with many of them, in person and on line. I have never ever said any bad about any Haitian.

I am and would be the first one to stand up for them. So go fly a kite! (that's me saying something else to you,

Pase bon nwi! (do you even know any Haitian Creyol?!!!! or any of their culture???!!
That's all for now, Im not going to waste my time on ignorant people like yourself.

Bye bye

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Oh, it's just an earthquake that had happen before...

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Good for you Brenda I am with you all the way. Lillie...

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