I done that all the time, the last time I done that was not to...

Richelet - December 22 2011, 10:40 PM

I done that all the time, the last time I done that was not to long ago. I stopped at a gas station to pump some gas, then I look up there was a sign say buy 10 gallons gas or more get a $5 dollars phone card!!! while I was just pull up to get for $20 cash, because at that gas station is 10 cents cheaper when you buy with cash. oooooh...

I'm telling you bro. I gotta found that other $20 dollars in cash to buy more than 10 gallons gas for me to get that $5 phone cart to called back home. & I don't wanna pay with credit cart to lost that 10 cents on each gallon.

now guess what brother?

I went to my car, started to count my changeSSSSSSSSS!!!! total was $9 dollars & 75 cents in quarters, $3 dollars in 20 cents in dimes.

$2 dollars & 15 cents in nickles.

& the rest was all pennies, which was $4 & 90 cents on pennies.

I'm telling you, that guy look at me like crazy.

so am I. there was some other people waiting on the line, that was look at me & shaking their heads, so am I. & I won't let anybody go B4 me. This is my story with my changes.

& if somebody's mad with that, that's your problem.

I don't do that because I want to wast other people's time. I don't do it because I'm cheap or whatever they might called it or think of it. I do it according to the situation.

& if I have to do it again, I'll do it again & again!!!

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