First of all I like to thank you for keeping us interested in...

Nixon Dauphine - December 16 2011, 8:48 AM

First of all I like to thank you for keeping us interested in Haiti.

Let's get the Clef story straight, how he want about to give his family member the cash was wrong, but his hard work brought the money to his position.

Without Clef acknowledge Haiti all over the world, what would we have to talk about now days. We would still be poor Haiti reachout for help hands.

Martelly has manage to establish a face into Haiti.

Now, how he goes about to spent the organization money has to be challenge, we all know money and business man, has away to dance, Clef sharing the wealth amongs his family members, what about all the businesses he has brought into a country.

Accept the good with the bad, in Haiti it usually all bad. What ONG in the world that don't to do that. whether profit or nonprofit.

Please let's move on. throw this one under a rug, the next one for the closeth.


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