I haven't had time to objectively review both sides of the...

Damebochie - December 14 2011, 1:04 PM

I haven't had time to objectively review both sides of the story.

But if those allegations turn out to be true, I think that would be very very very sad for Wyclef Jean and us, Haitians, in general.

You may like or dislike the guy, but you can forget the fact that he has done some incredible things in representing Haiti everywhere he goes. Unlike some of us, who came to the state and act like we are not Haitians and don't even speak Creole (yes I have family members like that); Clef has never refuted his background.

He has embraced the Haitian culture as if he was raised and lived in Haiti most of his life. Meanwhile some Haitians who just moved here 5 years ago, acted as if they were no longer Haitians.

Which always make me ROFL. So let us hope those allegations are not true and if they turn out to be true, what a disgrace it would be for Wyclef Jean!!!

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