Dude, just go find yoursrlf out. Who used to cut off your...

Garry - December 12 2011, 7:50 PM

Dude, just go find yoursrlf out. Who used to cut off your heads, enchain you, telling you that you are filthy.

Even recently told you that you are poor because you wouldn't stay down to his heel therefore God cursed you.
So once you find yourself out, you will see, how far you have been away from God.
Remember that souls like yours are bought with food and cloth by your masters.

Before you cast stones, go read the bible with a clear mind then you will see that you worship the devil cause it represents hates, disdain, division and all that is contrary to the bible.

Moreover you were told to give up all your African heritage and adapt christianity then they'll make you prosperous.

Your ancestors said no. If you ever read the bible, it will remind you of how the devil tried to tempt Jesus.

So little negroes like you saying that Haiti is a christian nation think again.

Haiti is a sacred God loving nation, not christian nation.

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I do not have any issues about different...

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