That's some awesome news, yes I think that there are a lot of...

Jwag - December 8 2011, 7:22 AM

That's some awesome news, yes I think that there are a lot of Haitian's playing Baseball, I couldn't tell you any one famous but the game is large and it is spreaded all over the US. I think Haiti will be a good location for baseball and these new clubs should do well.

Baseball does not require a lot of equipment and if you have a stick (Bat), any kind of Ball you have a game. Who needs bases, you can use what ever you have laying around to be the bases (Like we did back in the day).

Either way this will be good for the young kids to get into and give them another avenue to get away from the crime, the stupidity in the streets and people that mean them no good.

It would be good also if Haitian businesses would get back into the manufactoring of Baseball equipment (Balls, Clothes, Shoes) what ever we can get into.

Back in the day in Port-A-Prince there was a Baseball manufature company in Haiti and the location is still there so we might be able to bring some of it back.

God bless us all


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