OK my people everyone has some good valid points but no real...

Wag - November 30 2011, 10:20 AM

OK my people everyone has some good valid points but no real solutions because none of us are really putting our money where our heart is.

Yes Haiti is the ideal location for tourisum and we better capitalize on this before Cuba next door opens back up, yes opens back up which is coming soon. Either way there is always enough room in the Islands for everyone.

Lets work together and get the country back in order.

If the issue is population in the ideal tourist area, OK this is Government Land so lets relocate the people and make it worth their move (Government housing, Government employment for these houses, etc).

Farming, creative industrial businessing and other ways of making a dollar for the people and the country will work wonderful.

In Miami and other major City's they raise the taxes and people move out. Start taxes the people staying on the beach and they will move :-)

The taxes can help fix roads, fix schools, fix hospitals, etc.

We have all the resources within our own people, lets reach out to them all and each one reach one.

This is the only way we can make this dream happen of having Haiti as a major tourist location.

Let's get it (Get her Done)


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