We must first educate, and work hard to change their...

Josy - November 29 2011, 5:31 PM

We must first educate, and work hard to change their mentalities.

We would need to be very careful, and fair with the poor. We can built very low cost housing for them not too far from the resorts, and let them keep a small piece of land to grow some food. The resorts will give them jobs, and our government should demand certain benefits.

They should built the roads leading to the resorts, and their should be a strip so the resorts are not too far from each other like in Atlantic City or Las Vegas.

The cruise ships built ports all over the islands, and it can be done. The employers should have clinics, daycare, and a school on site. They will be required to help educate the workers, and teach them other skills.

The employees should get a minimum of two meals per shift, and shuttle to transport them. The employees should be in uniforms provided, and maintained by the resorts.

They will have to shower before, and after work with their kids. Reynolds did not built any roads, and destroyed the area. I honestly believe in my heart Reynolds found gold, and diamond also while digging for aluminium.

I have visited many places in the world, and this vision is possible for the country.

We need to move resorts out of the city, and give people incentives to relocate in other places.

We know without security this will always remain a nice dream, and it is a huge issue in Haiti.

The investors, and the visitors do not want to get kidnapped or murdered.

It can be done with the proper trainings, and leaders who are not greedy.

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