Yes, I can sign under this one: Jean Baptiste borned affranchi...

Kenold Pierre - November 28 2011, 8:16 PM

Yes, I can sign under this one: Jean Baptiste borned affranchi from a slave woman and french master in St-Marc was sent to France by his father, became an explorer was the first one who planted a house in Chicago later married a Taino Indian {for more ref: Go to the black history book You see a little more about that :For louisina we all know in 1776 Christophe, Petion and others was in Savannah to help the Americans, after the battle some of the chasseurs did not go back to Saint-Domingue .The ones that went back was all hung " Sur morne Pernier " For Byoncee, she had an interview on you tube And the guy asked her :she said yes not full blood but a 1/4 from mother side, As a matter of fact she loves haitians and some of her sisters learn to speak creole, According to her, The 1/4 she was reffering to came to US in the 1960's That'all fox

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