Hi, I can not speak for Wyclef Jean. We will find out what he...

Judith Jolicoeur - November 28 2011, 11:20 AM

I can not speak for Wyclef Jean. We will find out what he have to say about all of this. All I want to say is, If 3 THIRD of that MONEY was SENT to small Nonprofits that was already in Haiti at that time. I believe so many things would of got done. I don't know Wyclef and I really don't care to know him cause I never hear of him trying to help the little man that is still living in Haiti, that have schools or anything else already in Haiti, that they have worked with their own hands to start off and now in need of help to keep it running and our still trying to do what they can for the people in Haiti to stand on their.

To me, Wyclef have never step back and just help. He is always in the front of everything and everyone, shadowing over the little man. Haiti don't need another school that teach the same things.

Haiti really need us that can provide the resource to help rebuild what is already there and after that we can look into what else that is in need of.

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