Dear compatriote, I have tears in my eyes when reading your...

Lionel Vernet - November 4 2011, 9:55 AM

Dear compatriote,

I have tears in my eyes when reading your story.

You are a real Haitian and so am I.I grew up in Verrettes although my mother was from Borel( a walking distance, about 3 to 5 kms to Verrettes).

She wanted her children, 3 of us to be educated kay Fre ak kay Me. Well, Country Living = the best. No pollution ! No pourritures ! We had school x 2 in those days.8a-11a /1p- 4p.I used to go to ranmango (nan jadin) or nan vintieme to get some food. My folks go to nan jadin 6 days/week.

Leaving Verrettes to live with my Mom in Borel made it easier but I had to walk those 5 kms to go to school.

So, voye roch nan mango sou rout la, mwen te maton ladan'l. I also had some fistibal and those traps pelin tet, pelin pie to catch such birds like zantolan, touterel.

My father when nan jadin used to cook rice and beans and put kalalou(okra) on the top. Se coupe douet.

I made my own toys too.From ti machin to kabrouet to roule cerc. Manje nan fey banan se boul pic mwen. Then, dear friend, Je m'identifie a vous, corps et ame car nous sommes la creme de la creme parmi nos freres et soeurs haitiens.

Kembe tet ou ro, map fe de mem.

Haitiennement votre, Lionel

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