Man... I'm telling you those are were good day for real. I...

Richelet - November 4 2011, 9:45 AM


I'm telling you those are were good day for real.
I remember when u to wake up early in the morning (pou al nan dlo avan wal lekol)
I remember "badya" it something they cook with (let bef) met patat, yanm, boy etc.
I remember playing topi, mab, fe lago, jwe kazino, benyen nan rivye, kouri cheval
boukannen patat & like u said earlier, with some zwazo toutwel zotolan kit, etc.
that was good day.
I remember after after grann mwen finn fe manje a, le li finn metel nan asyet
when she had to called evryone by ur name to come get ur food
in order for her to know for sure that there's no one missing.

yeah, that was good time(s), I'm asking to go back & live that life again
but if u were one of those who had live that live it doesn't matter se le wal lan vakans menm jan avem
but yeah, that was some good time. thanks for the reminder bro, God Bless those folks.

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