In all fairness, the President can only do so much at a time...

Bernadette - October 29 2011, 12:04 AM

In all fairness, the President can only do so much at a time. People in government do what they do best, lying to their constituents while stealing money.

This is nothing new here. Martelly means well but his ego is getting the best of him...

We need to protect our borders in all directions, but precisely why do we need to do so?

Should not that energy and money go towards building houses for the homeless, cleaning the streets, building underground infrastructure for human waste disposal?

The army is not the only way to create jobs. Building roads, houses, environmental preventions to name a few create jobs and leave long lasting basis for others to continue the process later on.
Sending the kids to school is great; But how does Martelly plan to finance that project on a long-term basis?

The Administration has yet to come up with a detailed plan on how Haiti will be financed and what project (s) will take precedence.

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