To all of you who are or will answer personal adds from the...

Bernadette - October 20 2011, 9:12 PM

To all of you who are or will answer personal adds from the internet or through emails, be extra careful! A lot of those adds are bogus.

People who are asking you to be trusted with big sums of money are especially fraudulent.

People have died through ambush with psychopaths who pretended to be normal from a distance.

A good clue is when they have asked you for money in advance or they want to meet you in an undisclosed place, or are cautious about date, time of place.

Another thing, just because the place is legit, that does not mean they are. For instance, if they say, I want to meet you in front of the London Bank Of Commerce, yeah, the place is real, the phone number could also be real but that does not mean the PERSON is legit or has noble intention, most of the time, it is downright EVIL. They prey most often on people who are very young and naive or older people who are emotionally vulnerable.

If by any chance you still want to tempt chance, have at least this person checked out for place of residence, country of residence, criminal records, job history, educational background and family ties through a reputable company.

There are a few of them from the Net. Make phone calls from what you have found from your search.

Ask the person to provide you with personal and professional references, if he or she can't. Than, you know what to do.


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