I am the Great Great Grand daughter of Joseph Phillippe...

Marlie Alberts - October 11 2011, 9:25 PM

I am the Great Great Grand daughter of Joseph Phillippe Lemercier LaRoche.

I have doing this research for some time & found out that my father never took his father's last name LaRoche.

I am my father are the only two in our family that look carbin copy to him. I visited in 2001 his daughter-in-law in Villejuif, France with a translator because I could only speak english.

I am full Haitian raised in California.

I have orignal photo's of the LaRoche Family, Joseph, Juilet, Simonne & Louise.

You can google me Marlie Alberts & find me on Facebook.

Thank you

M.Alberts (formally Marjorie Richard)

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