I strongly agree with you Woodring. some people do politic but...

Julner - September 21 2011, 12:38 PM

I strongly agree with you Woodring.

some people do politic but they don't understand politic.

They embrace a little part of the politic and reject the main idea.

The Haitian Media think make a propagandize about all the wrongs that happen around Haiti will help people in Haiti or abroad make a change, which is completely not the case, nevertheless if they think the other way around, they they treated crime as local as you suggest we will have more tourist to make the "come and go" sa nou rele "rantre, soti" a nan peyi a.It is true that it"s so much easier for the United States of America to keep the crimes as local because it's a big country when Haiti is an Island the words fly around the country like wind. Sa nou rele "radio dyol" But the idea is if you try you will achieve with something, means if the Haitian Media try to to keep crime in Haiti as local they will see a huge difference around Haiti.

Woodring you doing a great work with this website, with sharing the news to Haitians, Haitians nationality with US citizenship (Haitians in the diaspora) like my self, with you i know a tons of stuffs about what's going on in Haiti.

so thank you and keep up the good work.

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