Woodring, here is my two cents. I believe freedom of press is...

Bernadette - September 20 2011, 10:09 PM

Woodring, here is my two cents.

I believe freedom of press is an expression of a democratic country.

I think suppressing information would be treating adults Haitians like they were kids. It is the right of each and every citizen to be informed about their country's whereabouts.

They should be informed about the good, the bad and the ugly. However, the bad news should not be sensationalized.

I agree with you that local municipals should be held accountable for local issues and in doing so help local community togetherness.

Haiti does not get the reputation of being a "Nation of Violence" from civilian homicides but from past government mass killings and human rights violators.

Suppressing information is also not fair to the journalists who are trying to do their job as it is supposed to be done.
Yes, USA is pretty good at dumbing down its public with lots of irrelevant or stupid news. As you know, a capitalist country is always looking at the lowerest
common denominator:news is not their priority, commercials, selling products are...

Do we have to repeat their mistakes?

US National news fair a little bit better than local news but hypocrisy is rampant still.

Most people know with the help of the Net, one can use specialized sites to find out about a relevant or pertinent information.

For example, I live in a small village upstate, New York. When I need to know how many or where the rapists, murderers are in my surrounding communities, I used relevant sites and my local police stations.

New York State Law prohibits sexual offenders to live 10 blocks radius of a community with children under 10 years old. People also have the right to know who their neighbors are. Although, I grew-up in New York City, I am not sure whether or not these laws are observed there.

Upstate New York, including Rockland County, they are observed.

If Martelly means business, he can launch a definite program to clean-up Haiti's image.

Haiti can definitely use tourism as part of the National economy.

The coastal areas should be of prime target.

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