Omg!Garry Destin, you are so real.From all the people who call...

Richelle - August 24 2011, 6:50 PM

Omg!Garry Destin, you are so real.From all the people who call themselves Christian or witnesses Haitians are the worst.

First of all, they're so judgmental.

No one serves God better than themselves while they are not even 100.000 feet close to serve God.I'm not judging no one but this is my inference from what I see from these so-called Haitian Christians.

Secondly the Haitian christian women have no shame of themselves.They in church cover their head, singing in the chorus, preaching blah blah, in the other hand they sleeping with some other woman husband in the same church perhaps in the same singing crew.That's not all, they be they the first one to have so-called holy spirit in gathering service.

Jumping around open their mouth so wide you can even see how many teeth with cavity they have.Who does that Haitian Christians are these people kidding me really omg.I'm glad where I live do not have heavy Haitian population to have their own church.

Unlike Florida, Boston to name a few.Garry, I give A+ for your comment.

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Hello Kathleen, I don't use God's name in vain...

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