Hello Kathleen, I don't use God's name in vain. Turning to the...

Garry Destin - August 22 2011, 2:28 PM

Hello Kathleen,
I don't use God's name in vain.
Turning to the lord is knowing oneself.

By knowing yourself you automacally turned to God.
The most problem in Haiti is that they don't have a ckue about themselves therefore they fall for anything and everything none African.

First of all christianity is what put them where they are, lost and cinfused.

So God is greater than christianity.

Give yourself to God is loving yourself and your nrighbour.

Treat your neighbour as you would treat yourself.

Feed your neighbour and cloth him.
It is basic but Godly which has nothing to do with religion.

Frankly the worst people I have met have been Haitian christians: langue long, hateful, full of disdain and ignorant.

I even lost my job because of a Haitian lady. Everything is Jesus and atvthe same time gossiping at work and put people back to back. The srcond one is a jehovah witness mexican.

Menteur worse than the devil itself.

I leaved in Georgia, the home of christianity.

They hate themselves and every haitian around them.
Actually most Haitian churches don't even encourage their kids to speak creol.

Becsause they are so ashame of who they are. If one is ashaame of himself, it is a slap to God's face.

So dear let us not take God's name in vain, he is greater than that.

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This poster has spoken the true wisdom. Just letting...

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