Some of you are plain ol LOCO how you gonna say Black people...

Haitiana Obama - August 10 2011, 12:28 PM

Some of you are plain ol LOCO how you gonna say Black people all over the world need to speak Creole?

Are you aware that Creole is spoken ALL over the world in different that's just crazy.

On top of that our Creole is UNIQUE to us because of it's French, Taino, and African influences with a bit of Spanish thrown in. Martinique and Louisina have Creole so does Cape Verde but they do not have our HERITAGE so that offends me for someone to say because Hispanics all speak Spanish all Black people should speak they do not all share my ezperience.

And I am so proud to be HAITIAN persiod I don't do that Haitian-American nonsense and my daugther is Haitian and Puerto Rican not Haitian-Puerto Rican-Africa-American blah blah. What a joke.

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