Do not preach to me "bro", and I did not call you whatever the...

Josy - August 9 2011, 10:08 PM

Do not preach to me "bro", and I did not call you whatever the last time. You have 90% Haitians who cannot read, or write and they are illiterate.

If you cannot read, or write you are illiterate and you should check the dictionary.

Did a miracle took place in Haiti?

Do we have a 100% literacy rate now in Haiti?

I am not blaming them, and it is not their fault.

I am not looking down on them, and you are clueless.

The Haitian society is responsible, and I probably had relatives who were illiterate also. Cuba is sending doctors to us, and it is a shame.

We have very smart young Haitians who given the opportunity could become doctors, and shame on the government.

Haitians do not want to work the land, and the cubans are working the land. You are full of crap, and should not worry about others.

You should pray for others to get on the right path, and stop passing judgment on other religions.

Who died, and left you in charge of others?

Do you have pictures of your family members in your home?


on your desk at work?

Are you worshipping them?

You should read, and educate yourself before you make accusations about catholics.

I have friends, and acquiantances from all religions.

The Jeovah Witnesses believe only one hundred, and fourty thousands are going to make it in heaven.

Are you a Jeovah witness?

You are in big trouble if you are not, and according to them you are damn. There is absolutely nothing we can do to earn GOD's mercy, and are praying for forgiveness My relationship with GOD is personal, and it is none of your business.

Vous avez une poutre dans votre oeil amigo, so do not worry about me and I have a morale compass.

You apparently got me confused with someone else, and have been pissing people off on this site.

Response to:

Well my dear at this point you sound more intelligent...

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