I gather you are either a pastor, or somehow related to one...

Josy - August 9 2011, 7:21 PM

I gather you are either a pastor, or somehow related to one and they do attack the catholic church.

You need to look around, and listen to the news. The major problems in this world are are caused by religions, and humans use GOD's name to satisfy themselves.

I use to believe in in religion, but I no longer do and my eyes are wide open now. The majority of Haitians are illiterate, and get their news from the churches.

They believe in the pastors, and pastors are human beings.

You no longer need a Collge education, and training in theology to open a church.

The pastors are uneducated, and misinformed.

The bible is mispinterpreted, and they use it to their advantages.

I lived it, and talked to church members.

The europeans did abuse the Africans all over the world, and even on the continent itself like south Africa.

I want to remind you Rome, Greece, and Egypt were all powerful empires.

They were destroyed, because they disobeyed GOD and became too greedy.

We are all going to stand in the presence of GOD on judgment day, and the leaders are in more trouble than the rest of us. I am hoping, praying, and trying to live a decent life so GOD will have mercy on me. GOD is merciful, and I am praying for my family members.

I am very humble, and JESUS is coming.

I find you arrogant, and cocky.

We could all be wrong, and should try to do our best. I am not against any other religions, and you should not criticize others.

GOD is on the summit, and different roads lead to him. It is none of your business how others worship, and a relation with GOD is a very personal one. It is strictly between a father, and his child.

You have pastors who are collecting money from the poor in his congregation to buy mansions, fancy cars, travel, and wear the latest fashion.

You also have pastors who are bold enought to embarrass people who do not give a lot of money, and are doctors or nurses.

Pastors are sleeping with the females, and extorting money from low income families.

We are all humans, and sinners.

You are an instigator, and should worry about your own soul.

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It seems to me you have forgotten that it was the...

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