It seems to me you have forgotten that it was the catholic...

Max Mills - August 9 2011, 6:18 PM

It seems to me you have forgotten that it was the catholic church (priest, jesuit) who came with their bible in one hand and their gun in the other hand by tricking us went away with our treasures in Spain.

It seems that you have forgotten they were the ones who planted the big cursing cross in Mole St Nicholas from that time the land has produced nothing than bush. It seems to me you have forgotten your history.

Pastors do not preach negativities as stated.

People twist the word to suit themselves.

And yet you have forgotten the war between the catholic and the true christians.

No one can brainwash anybody unless if your are not reading the bible on your own to compare what is said with the scriptures and accept it. Of course the catholic worship statues.

What is the meaning of kneeling down in front of a statue what ever the name is even if it was Jesus statue.

What are you doing water down the truth .No, not good miss. Do not blame either.Let God be the Judge.

Whatever the motives were, they will not last, God knows the culprits, their schemes will fade away and knows what to do with them .Leave it to the Almighty because it is bigger than us.I don't condone that act but none of us know the other side of the story.

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I blame some Pastors, and they are instigators. They...

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