This is just words put into action. Haitians, most of them...

Damebochie - August 8 2011, 8:03 PM

This is just words put into action.

Haitians, most of them anyways, have always been ignorant about the Catholic church.

The fact that Vodou uses the same pictures of Saints in the Catholic chuch, the ignorants think the Catholic church is assosicated with Vodouism.

But what they don't know is the reason why so many of the Saint figures in Catholic Church also appear in Vodouism was because our slave ancestors, who were Vodouisants, used those images as a camouflage for the Colons.

While doing their vodou ceremonies, they hanged those pictures of Catholic Saints in their ceremony fooling the colons into thinking they were doing Catholic ceremony.

Not one person point out this fact to the mass. For years people have been thinking Catholic Saints = Vodou Spirits, which is totally untrue!
This is what happen when you have a population totally uneducated.

And I am talking about going to school, pass your baccalaureat.

I am talking about basic/civic/rational education.

Sa se commencement an; chay la deye. Que le Dieu Tout-Puissant nous vienne en aide!

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