Firstly it would be nice if the cell phone company could be...

Jean-luc Giraud - August 1 2011, 12:00 AM

Firstly it would be nice if the cell phone company could be nationalized or simplified by open source and not worry about building massive competative info-structure and hence allow full internet access to multiple modern agricultural technologies apart from just University of Florida.

There is another way of farming that is proving more sustainable that is yet to be appreciated by UF and I only hope UF will research this other way of farming to include it in solutions to soil management.

I would willingly assist.

This new way of treating the soil with bacterium, composts, minerals and Biochar are proving to far outweigh their fertilizer's counterpart.

Let that be taught also as Mains Unie is going to be teaching this technology in this school year, so let's all get together and really modernize Agriculture and ask President Martelli to help me get my Haitian Organics Project off the ground with the backing of Australian Agency for International Development and me

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It is all great It is ok to do all that.Agriculture...

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