Any people with good mind that think about the 5 cent per...

Escie - July 25 2011, 1:22 PM

any people with good mind that think about the 5 cent per minutes will object to it. acctually I use the direct contact from my cell phone where I get charge 70 cents a minutes add 5 cent every minutes is not a game therefore I take myself out of the game except if their is a emergency.

We are the target for the government because we care very much for our family.

when we send money we remimber uncle sam voizin gisele.

the government say $1 for every $100 dollars cam charge $1.50 for every 100 dollars this the gap that we can not support any haitian proposal.

Since the day when I went to send money for my niece to pay her schoool and the cashier told me I need to pay more I never send money anymore neither make a phone call.

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