I think it is ridiculous that ANYONE is allowed to enter Haiti...

Colette - July 25 2011, 9:46 AM

I think it is ridiculous that ANYONE is allowed to enter Haiti without the proper documentation.

As you reported, Haitians who migrate to any other foreign country are required, by law, to have such documents prior to setting foot onto foreign soil.

Why can't we impose the same laws on those who wish to enter our borders?! This is just another example of the lack of proper legal structure, and procedures tolerated by our so-called officials.

President Martelly, please, please, do what apparently nobody else has enough motivation to do: curtail ALL entry to Haiti, if no proper documentation is presented.

Don't we have enough problems without compounding it by having more imigrants?

There are no jobs for our people, why would we allow others from foreign borders access to what we still have?

How are we supposed to pick ourselves up and move forward for the betterment of our nation, if we have to deal with stupidity like this?

Make no mistake, if we don't stop this now, in another year, (if that long) we will be no better off for it.

We need to thin out the herd; those without any constructive suggestions or plans, need to step aside and allow those who can, to do so. We're running out of time, and there is no one else who will care as much as we do. I still don't understand what the hell happened to all that money donated to help Haiti after the quake last year. I get that question from Americans, Cubans, even an Afghani friend!!

They all cared enough to help, and still to this day, we don't have our sh*t together.

What's it gonna take?

Does anybody have any answers?

I'm fresh out. 'Nuff said.

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