Well, well, people i just love this man thinking my dear...

Maxo Louis Jean - July 19 2011, 7:20 PM

Well, well, people i just love this man thinking my dear president Joseph Martely Sweet miky tet kale.
i mean we never had a president that thinks the way he thinks.

i must say that he tackle the change at the root, unless you transformed the way your people see thinks, view thinks, understand things even treat things or value the things they have they will not cherish them.

even the bible talks about be re-newed by the re-newal of your mind. in st lucia they say a pig is a pig, why because just after you give that pig a shower powerdered, put on lips stick and gloss, guess what the same pig goes in the mud. i am not calling haitians pig

i am just using an illustration to say that the president have sight and understand the root of the haitian prob and it is more than physical need.

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