First, let me thank you for your devotion at informing us...

Lionel Vernet - July 19 2011, 12:38 PM

First, let me thank you for your devotion at informing us about our Motherland, Haiti.The right way to rebuild the Haitian man starts with you, dear friend.And the word applied to it is: UNSELFISHNESS.

When Jn Jacques Dessalines, after the Independence, wanted a fair share of the Land for all that have fought for Liberty, some closed generals, associates, did not see it that way. And Dessalines was assassinated.

There is a logo posted on a wall at a Miami Pharmacy which says: LIVE and LET LIVE. I always like that thinking.

To rebuild the Haitian Man, we need to come back to the old days where le plus petit se courbe devant le plus grand et que le plus grand protege le plus petit.

We need to teach ourselves mutual respects.

We need to put an end to impunity where Justice is for all. Where everybody should obey and respect the Law.To rebuid the Haitian man, we need back this great school book: Instruction civique et morale, to teach kids and adults civility, citizenry.

We need the haitian society today to go back and learn from the haitian society of the past to emulate what was good about
our society where values was the make up of an individual, not his money, nor his fame.

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