As you said above rebuild the Haitian man is not a simple...

Max Mills - July 19 2011, 11:47 AM

As you said above rebuild the Haitian man is not a simple topic but a vast and a long term topic indeed.

But that doesn't say we cannot begin with the re- construction.

The mass and less fortunate Haitian people need to be educated via visual media .The government need to implement an organization well structured for the government itself and for the people, something which we could named as Haitian Information Service, which will pass all the informations to the people .I am not talking about latest bulletins or communique from the government but a source of informations which will generate the welfare of the people in general.

The same organization will dispatch delegates to inform the rural people what....

and so on.The least may be how to use certain items, a proper hygiene what to do or not do in certain places.

How to conduct self in places respect others position.

How one can maintain certain hygiene .As a good example one must be cautious in selling food in certain places.

How to keep your environment clean, from the front of the house to the back yard. There must have a self respect and for others.

Haitians need to let go that careless attitude, they eat and drink wherever they are and trow away whatever they have in their possession on the ground .They need to know things must thrown in the nearest bin .They need to be educated about what type of serious illnesses can happen if this type of careless style continue not only it is a serious problem for the government to find the drug but for the family also it is a win win situation.

I know for sure some Haitians don't know how to ignite a gas or electric stove, some don't know what is a good bathroom with a toilet bowl. If the government is going to build modern houses for the people all these things must included so we can leave the primitive ways behind us. Therefore the ones who don't know how to use these things must be educated by the information services and then everything will go on little by little until we reach our goals.

Help the children not to pick up things fell on the ground as long it concern foods.

They are more vulnerable and sensitive to any form of disease and then that will be a start.Our mentality is still primitive.

Even in the remote area the Haitian need to build inside bathroom not outside one as we call " latrine " just for the sake of the children who want to use it but not in the bucket, above all it is easy to catch cold or any other sickness going outside in the night.

That is my opinion and how I see it can happen.

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