Mr Petion: Thank you for offering your thoughts. I'd like to...

Ray - June 15 2011, 5:03 PM

Mr Petion:

Thank you for offering your thoughts.

I'd like to offer mine.

I am amazed that you refer to a Stanley Lucas website to explain President Aristide's mindset.

That is like Satan trying to explain God's mindset (well not exactly but you get my point).

Are you referring to the same Stanley Lucas (SL hereafter) who worked for the IRI in 1998 to destabilize the Lavalas government with $2M of aid money from USAID?

The same SL whose cousins Leonard and Remy were involved in the Jean-Rabel massacre of 1987?

The same SL who worked for IRI in 1992 to "help" the Cedras regime via mid-coup election monitoring?

The same SL who on the day of Pres. Aristide's 2nd inauguration called looked for his assassination on Haitian radio (Stanley Lucas, Radio Tropicale, Feb. 8, 2001).

Mr. Petion, you are not serious, about recommending SL as one who understands someone else's mindset such as Pres. Aristide, are you?

The same SL who grouped the various opposition parties in 2000 to Lavalas into the "Convergence Democratique" who did nothing but sabotage Pres. Aristide's government.

The same SL who trained the opposition in the Dominican Republic?

The New York Times published a substantive report on Jan. 29, 2006 (Democracy Undone: Mixed US Signals Helped Tilt Haiti Toward Chaos) describing SL's extreme hatred of Pres. Aristide that even Evans Paul said that "Mr. Lucas' stand against negotiating was a bit too harsh even for some on the opposition" (same NY Times article).

The same SL who undermined the US ambassador Curran by spreading rumors about his private life and threatening US embassy staffers?

You are not serious Mr. Petion are you?

I could go on and on. Are you a Stanley Lucas fan or are you simply not informed of his history against Aristide.

I certainly don't know, but from what I know, if it is the truth, SL is a very evil and misguided man, maybe one of the Haitian elite who are greedy and abusive as they exploit the poor. I say maybe because I don't know.

Maybe you can tell me Mr. Petion.

I would like to know.

I repeat myself here as I have said before: Aristide was not perfect but who was better?

Who did more for the poor in Haiti than Aristide?

No one has yet answered that question because no one has done more. The Duvalier's, Cedras, Namphy, Avril or the puppet who replaced Aristide in 2004?

They were all mass murderers.

You have no evidence of Aristide as a mass murderer.

In fact those murdered under Aristide's governments (not even with his approval) may number in the 30's. I rest my case.

thanks for reading this.


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