This is a sad and tragic killing no doubt. I am praying for...

Ray - June 14 2011, 9:38 PM

This is a sad and tragic killing no doubt.

I am praying for the family.

I have a question for Haitians.

The news report states that Clinton/Bush want to spend $2M on the construction of a hotel.

Granted that would create a few much needed jobs. Yet, Haitian history (Michel-Rolph Trouillot in Haiti: State Against Nation)tells me that during the French enslavement of Haiti, they provided the peasants with a plot of land they could use for their families.

Even when there was talk about the overthrow of the French, the peasants would have remained slaves if they were given more time to work their plot of land.

I have recently learned that in other parts of the world, organizations are working with governments to provide plots of land to the poor that allows them to sustain themselves.

What is the situation in Haiti presently regarding land rights?

Have governments in the last 20 years granted or sold land plots to the peasant population?

While I agree that the building of a hotel would provide construction jobs initially and then long term service jobs, I sense that land ownership would provide a long term benefit and enhance the confidence and self-esteem of people.

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I believe their lands were taken away from them and...

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