It's very sad to hear and see but I do believe we are here on...

Sergo Jean - June 10 2011, 11:47 AM

It's very sad to hear and see but I do believe we are here on earth for a purpose, God OUR LOVING FATHER IN HEAVEN knows very well.When we lived as spirit children with our heavenly parents, Our Heavenly Father told us about His plan for us to become more like Him .We shouted for joy when we heard His plan Job:3:7 We were eager for new experiences.

In order for these things to happen, we needed to leave our Father 's presence and receive mortal bodies.

We needed a place to live were we could prepare to become like Him.I do believe earth is our new home and this mortal life is a probationary state.

I do believe whosoever repenteth and hardeneth not his heart, he shall claim on mercy through the only begotten Son, unto a remission of his sins;and these shall enter into my rest.Mwen cre ke 23 mounn sa yo ki mouri la an Haiti, ap bien akeyi pa gran gran gran paran yo ki ap viv nan monde des esprits ou apre la mort kite prepare depi la fondation du monde ke Dieu te creye li Menm pou recevoi tout esprit ki kite la terre pou ninpot ki rezon 1 pierres 3:18-19

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