This is so sad, I saw Haiti today on TV.The Haitians peoples...

Marlene Burcky - June 8 2011, 2:39 AM

This is so sad, I saw Haiti today on TV .The Haitians peoples have to turn to Jesus and ask for forgiveness
Aristide who was a Priest is the first one who is going to hell.,all those kidnappers, all those rara peoples
all those peoples who turned their back to Jesus are responsible for what is going on in Haiti now, sorry to tell them if they don't start to pray Jesus.

You Aristide the first demon you know better then I there is worst to come.
I am keeping all of you my brothers and sisters in Christ in my prayers.

Jesus will come for you He has a VIP place waiting for you in heaven, and the rest will go to hell with Aristide where the Duvalier's family is

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