It is so sad only 7 people died during that rain in Haiti. My...

Ben - June 7 2011, 11:34 AM

It is so sad only 7 people died during that rain in Haiti.

My fellow Haitian
let be serious has anyone visited Haiti lately and c all the montain in Haiti is occupy by woden schack, and all the RAVINE have makeship house No no one is saying ANYTHING, They have cut all the tree in morne LOPITAL AND NO ONE IS saying anything.

Le peuple is souverain.

Recently Claude Prepti HAS A REPORT OUT about house built every were in Haiti close to the litoral by the sea has anyone say anything?Well nature has a way to cleanse itself abuse me and you will pay dearly now we are paying.

In a recent Pic we have c on the net Our Presiden is meeting with the Protection civile what a joke as you could c in that pic all the staff at that meeting were not paying him No MIND if for 4 day ago we been advice of such a rain why not put the staff in HIGHT ALERT AND RESPOND ACCORDINLY why does the President has to go and check for himself they should be reporting to him every second so he could make sound judjement The Dominicain has move 4 hundred to higher ground for safety .R WE EXPECTING THE DOMINICAN TO COME AND SAFE le people souverain.WHAT A JOKE WHAT A JOKE.ONLY IN HAITI WHEN A DOCUMENT IS SIGN IS NOT THE SAME Version BEING PRINTED IS SEEM TO ME THAT HAITIAN HAS INVENTED A NEW COPY MACHINE WICTH TRANSLATE ORIGINAL DOCUMENT TO FAKE DOCUMENT
May God bless my country

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