Well, If we want to be as honest as we can be without being...

Well, If we want to be as honest as we can be without being too Bias, we know that French is Dead and gone. Period.

In the Haitian community, I think French is used just for some king of Aristocracy to show that I am educated and you are not. (Arrogant).

In the real world, English will serve you more than French and we all know it.
As a Haitian, if I were to choose, I will rather vote to have Creole instead of French.

The wolrd does not thing Haitian French.

Even the French themselves said it. (They said, we speak Haitian French broken French or partoire)
I have a lot of Friend that speak French.

When they address me is French, I always answer in Creole or English.


well, I am a well educated man. I can speak some Haitian French.


If Haiti Spoke English, I think we would have a better chance in the world today.

Believe it or not, English is here to Stay.
By the way, do not take this toooooo personal.

It is only my opinion.

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