Why haitian go to Dominican republican to stay. To me...

Richelle - May 12 2011, 8:22 PM

Why haitian go to Dominican republican to stay. To me dominican republic just more organize, clean,safe and have more light complexion than haiti.

I do not see what is good about that place to go andure hard life there.

It is not like USA, You can work for big money and have a better life than haiti.

I rather do maid or whatever dirty job in my home than to go do it else-where.Now this is the time for haitian government to do something about this shit. Haitian all over the world, some of them are suffering;language barrier, others take advantage of them as a result of that. Struggle to get a better pay job to support themselves.Even sometimes two three jobs still can't make it because people always want to flea bag haitian.

While politichien kk, stink mouth, dyol bokier in haiti filing their pockets with the country's money.

Without try to make haiti a better place for people to stop fleeing to other places for better living.

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Let me start by saying that am tired to see the way...

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So you're justifying having a lighter complexion as a...

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