The street vendors are entrepreneurs but they are not...

Jean Mirville - May 12 2011, 2:11 AM

The street vendors are entrepreneurs but they are not businessmen.

Most of these vendors worked for years for small change.

A ti macham stays a ti macham.

Yeah, I know some manage to educate their children and make a decent living; but they do not look beyond the cart that's before them. Imagine coming into cantact with 200000 people {in Port au Prince} on a daily basis and you're providing a serving that they want?

As a vendor I would start with one fresco cart and learn as much as I can about selling fresco.

From there I would invest in more carts, hire people to stand and walk in the hot sun selling my fresco.

With the profits I would invest in new businesses such as aquaponics and solar energy.

Only then would I {the street vendor} be respected in our society

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