Hello my friend Thank you for your e-mail i like to remind you...

Ben - May 7 2011, 8:12 AM

Hello my friend
Thank you for your e-mail i like to remind you i still remember Haiti during 1970 were people were frindly, hospitable,secure, honest,and smart.

I am well aware the world has change and we must change with time that i have. Cependant you can not tell me you do not feel the lack of understanding from our Haitian brother when we are in Haiti we are not SOMALIA we have a great pass, have you ever have to deal with someone in the GOV you learn real fast that word does not mean anything at all level.

Having said that i am looking foward to a bright Future with the new Leardership taking over in our country.

If the new regime could change the mentality that big a big+ for us.Teir are key Fact to change a society

I like to congradulate on your endervor in Jackmel a place that i like a lot and have Family living there i hope with luck you will c one day the impact you are making in those people life.

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BEN, DO ME A FERVOR please concentrate on reading and...

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Hello Ben my friend, yes, but you must also...

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