I am very grateful to the Us goverment, and congratulate a...

Marlene Burcky - May 6 2011, 11:15 PM

I am very grateful to the Us goverment, and congratulate a seconde time President Martelly for accepting help and advices from the USA.
As far as if Haiti will be self suffisient to feed the Haitians the head of the departement of agriculture, the haitians who will be in charge of this department might as always take the food out of the poor peoples mouths and give it to their families and friends.

I don, t trust any Haitian who will be in charge
Even president Martelly I like him as a person I don't know him but I love his music I am giving him the benefit of the doubt, but again if he is an honest man how can he control all the department of Haiti.

Also when something goes wrong and they start stealing from a department peoples will say it is Martelly ( I just leave the situation of Haiti in God's Hands )I will never go back there myself, I am sorry for the poor. I wish they could have a better life Helas

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Thanks Ben for your comment and support! Vintage!

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