The Haitian Senat and The house of Rep

Ben - May 6 2011, 9:57 PM

Here is a perfect society going down.When people in high place acting like they were in SOMALIA.

After all my calculation i am convience the world is so tired of us we carry all the ill in this world by our action and our behavor.

Is not the ONG or anyone else it is strickly us.
I am for the new PresidentMr MARTELLI HE IS the right man at the right place to cure this society of the coruption.

We have Senator DEPUTE WE MUST REMEMBER this people were elected with anafabet vote what can we expect from them. I guaranty you the new President will get them and if he has to close this body so be it.We are tired and we want our President TO lead with fermete and punishment.


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