Such a caring and thoughtful column you have written Woodring...

Barbara Murphy-bridge - May 2 2011, 4:03 PM

Such a caring and thoughtful column you have written Woodring,
Appears you have a touch of what is called ' survivor guilt' - asking themselves Why me?

why am i not the one standing in line for a loaf of bread and water?

Why do my sisters and brothers have such a hard life and mine so much easier, Why

All you can do is take that empathy Woodring and put it to good use: sponsor a child ; ask your friends to consider doing the same, it is a lowly 25 bucks a month and provides their uniforms, education, medical care, school books and supplies, worm medication.

There are many organizations in Haiti - I have been sponsoring through Baptist Haiti Mission for over 9 years ( )- do your homework and find a group you are comfortable with.

You will feel that negative anxiety and helplessness replaced with positive feelings because you have acted.

Because you really are making a difference.

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Woodring, anpil rezon ki fe nou nan gwangou an ayiti...

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