One cannot counter an accusation in the same lawsuit.CNN...

Marjorie Middy - April 30 2011, 9:28 PM

One cannot counter an accusation in the same lawsuit.CNN allegedly made the accusation about "HLN".

The most that "HLN" can do is to ANSWER to the accusation.

"HLN" can however DENIED everything that CNN said and let CNN prove what they are saying.

OR "HLN" can admit certain wrongdoing and do some damage control like changing its name and or suggesting something less harmful and more economical for both parties like arbitration.

It is not about RESPECT, it is about legalities.

It does not matter how powerful or how weak one is, everybody has to respect rules and regulations.

NOBODY is above the law. (if you do the crime, you got to do the time).


(CNN) -- It's official.

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