Corrine Brown is being not doing her job. Send several letters...

Evens Colas - April 22 2011, 7:04 AM

Corrine Brown is being not doing her job. Send several letters to her and her staff.

Send them via US post so that they have to "SIGN ON DELIVERY".

That way you have documentation that her office received the letters.

If they do not respond at that point, take it to the media.

Take your case to Youtube, Facebook & Twitter.

Take it to the public to let them know that Corrine Brown is not doing her job. These representatives are playing with peoples lives and they must be bought to task for it.

My children have been in the US since Oct 2010. They are both now A students.

In that short time, my kids have gained such a great level of understanding of the English language that they are now at the top levels of their respective classes.

They were worth everything and your kids are too.

Evens Colas

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Not in any case Congressman will help you because I...

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