Glack in caribbean can't be compare with the black in Usa they...

Jj - April 19 2011, 7:20 PM

Glack in caribbean can't be compare with the black in Usa they were slave but free in Usa the were slave discrminaate abuse deprive of education in america USA it was crime against humanity beside of slavery That why we always to distinguish the black from the carribbean brazil cuba puerto-rico trinidad martinique mexico france and elsewhere these black do not suffer what the black in america usa went thru Santo Domingo and Haiti it is another subjectHaiti governe Santo Domingofor 21 years then the Dominican woman was use as pleasure for the rich the prostitution was introduce to Haiti by the Dominican they have to set a distirct for them in haiti nnow the Domnican was fortunate the have the leadders who have vision for their country and able to keep other country buy then and manuplilate their govervnment their leadders the take charge of their election they establish their rules and make all people respect it now the bring the haitian to cut sugar cane they treat them as slave no respect these poor people have no right no advocate these all about black no curse only misfortunate in the hands of people who do not have soul no heart no compassion only MONEY MONEY any which way

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