Thank you Adolphe for actively listing solutions. We are...

Regine Barjon - April 17 2011, 11:15 AM

Thank you Adolphe for actively listing solutions.

We are finding too many people stating that the problems are overwhelming and too many ready for doomsday without even trying yet...

We would be best served to take this opportunity to invite those of us in the Diaspora and those of us capable and so very interested in Haiti to assist and to contribute towards a sustainable and viable economically independent Haiti.

The president-elect is one person and cannot do it all alone.

The priorities enumerated by the president-elect are absolutely achievable with the right teams and the appropriate leadership.

Everyone will have to help and participate (mettre la main a la patte so to say).

Especially those of us who can. And we all can within a certain even minimal capacity!

Instead of the traditional pessimism we encounter too often among ourselves in the Haitian-American community and in Haiti, let's proceed with an active to do list of our own contributions to assist in improving the lives of our fellow Haitians.

One way to do so is to invest directly or even indirectly in Haiti.

Our new motto should be "Investments, not Aid".

And we should actively call on our US representatives to assist Haiti towards economic self-sustainability.

The president-elect and his administration can provide the leadership necessary to guide the vast existing networks of the 16,000 NGOs operating in Haiti in actively contributing towards viable economic development.

The President-elect can assist in focusing the NGOs towards mutually beneficial partnerships between pertinent governmental institutions and Haiti



Haiti's future is based on its ability to embrace innovation with the expectation of reproducing a modern...

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